Business, Corporate and Organisational Strategy

Organisations, communites and built environments can have change imposed on them from the environment they are in, or they can initiate change to address problems they face. Change impacts operations and operations are best driven by sound strategy. 

Concerns such as the "Whys" pertaining to purpose or end; the "Hows" pertaining to approach; and the "Whats" pertaining to action, underly key strategic considerations. 

Our strategy services will help you:

  • Develop effective operations
  • Align operations with organisational strategies and priorities
  • Initiate change or respond to change strategically
  • Develop organisational strategy that is robust 
  • Gain insights that inform design in the built environment
  • Design or redesign service delivery to optimise customer or client experience

To ensure we understand the issues and challenges properly we delve deeply into the contextual system.  This involves:  -Identifying various components of the particular contextual system  -Understanding the broad system and the root causes  -Drawing insights from research and various techniques  -Recognising the central role of people in the system (harnessing their experiences and knowledge towards identifying causes and developing remedies).



Specific strategy services can also be provided as stand alone services depending on the need. A comprehensive suite of strategy services we offer comprises of:


Strategy formulation 

developing strategy

Insights for the built environment 

 providing a user centric "lense" for designers of the built environment

Defining for design

includes defining context, problems, issues and challenges as insights.

Long term planning 

developing long term plans that are adaptable and respond to change

Workshop design and delivery 

innovative workshops that deliver on the intended outcomes

Strategic facilitation

facilitating discussion on strategic needs for a right focus

Community and stakeholder engagement 

 working with and drawing from community and stakeholders to foster ownership of solutions, interventions and outcomes.

Restorative Design

creating experiences, expression and experiment that mitigates the impacts of the built environment on users.

Working with people

We work with people to understand problems and find remedies for them. Below are some images of us working with people to develop strategy, plans and solve problems.