What we do

We provide services in Strategy and Design.

Along with Strategy and Design services, we provide services that are component parts of the our key services which can be provided as stand alone services. These are:


Strategy Formulation

Strategy formulation is a service in which we work with you to develop a strategy. We use various strategy forming approaches to ensure that the challenges or issues are understood in depth, the strategy formulated is sound, informed, responsive and with clear aspirations and goals that are measureable on implementation.


Insights for the Built Environment

We provide insights for planning, urban design, architecture and infrastructure development. This includes understanding impacts of users of the built environment, synthesising them with client requirements, enabling creation of design concepts, use impacts assessments, and exploring new ways of working/using the built environment.


Defining For Design

Defining for design as the name suggests is a service that defines context, problem, issue, challenges etc. Once the definition has been made, the right foundation has been established for designing for this context or problem. The Defining requires working with people to establish the context or problem and not getting bogged down by symptoms or a sub-contexts.


Strategic Facilitation

Strategic facilitation involves the facilitation of conversations that are of a strategic nature to realise outcomes that meet strategic needs without getting distracted by operational details and yet accommodating for their necessity in such conversations


Long Term Planning

We can work with you to develop long term plans that take into account the long term, and allow for various factors including your strategic goals and objectives as well as the need to adapt and have built in contingencies


Community and Stakeholder Engagement

The community and stakeholders in general are wealthy with information and knowledge. We draw from their knowledge, experiences and aspirations to understand matters in the community and work with community and stakeholders to develop approaches that are innovative, practical and that foster an ownership of solutions, interventions and outcomes!


Workshop Design and Delivery

This is the design and delivery of innovative workshops that go far into meeting your intent. They are interactive and participants work and get energised, think broadly and laterally, work together and draw on creative abilities. Visual, verbal and movement cues are applied to draw out knowledge and ideas. We work with you to design and deliver a workshop that provides the outcome sought and that participants are engaged in. 


Restorative Design

We use Restorative Design in interior or exterior places to restore comfort and create experiences, expression and experiment. Most of us work from home how, but many homes are not designed for this. Our restorative design creates workable spaces. It is easy to implement and to remove, low cost, but has profound effect. 

Users of the space are involved in the design which includes our preparation of a few alternative concepts. Implementation is on the agreed concept and it can even involve the user.