Our design services are in aesthetics related design and service design. We use design theory and principles of Design Thinking. Working with people who use spaces and services is a core part of our approach in design service provision.

Visual (Aesthetic) Design

Our visual design includes interactions (or intersections) of art and the built environment. We call our application of this, Restorative Design (check it out on instagram).

In the Covid19 world, many people have found themselves confined to or using spaces for long periods that were not designed for their current use (e.g. office work). Spaces are also increasingly being considered for re-purposing due to their traditional function becoming redundant. This has significant impacts on people and their well being. Restorative design addresses these challenges to:

  • mitigate against impacts of well being (such as mental health)
  • intervene in the built environment with low cost and easy to apply solutions
  • enhance space (and place) to fit re-purpose
  • involve the community in creating sustainable places and spaces

The method we use in Restorative Design has the user of space or place at the centre.

For a wholistic approach to creating experience in the built environment through visual design, we are also getting involved in visual design of products used in the built environment such as wall coverings and household furnishings.


Creating experience in space, place and products. Some example work and concepts are shown below.


Some of our wall covering designs


Creating unique experiences


Creating experience through products used in the built environment.


Service Design

Services are provided to the community by organisations. These could be government or organsations in the private sector (profit or non-profit). Services are often provided within complex eco-systems that make problem identification and solving challenging. We provide services to identify service provision problems and to find sustainable solutions.

We use various methods including some propriety methods we have developed ourselves for providing this service.