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Latitude 4-40 Consulting Pty Ltd is a Strategy, Planning and Design consulting company.


We work with people to understand contextual complexities, prevent or pre-empt problems and/or provide innovative, sustainable resolutions or interventions.


Our domains of involvement are:

  • Community- this includes organised or infomal communities as collectives or individuals
  • The built environment- the environment in which most activities takes place in the community
  • Organisations (public and private)- those who provide services to the community and organisations
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Communities have many and various needs, such as:

  • seeking and receiving services from government and the private sector
  • working as communities for common good
  • learning as communities
  • meeting aspirations

_Built.png - largeThe built environment is comprised of many and differing elements such as:

  • buildings
  • open spaces
  • transport infrastructure
  • human activities
  • service provision

_government.png - largeServices provided by government and other organisations to the community include:

  • education
  • health
  • housing
  • transport infrastructure
  • regulation of service providers

Communities, the built environment and organisations, operate in eco-systems that are comprised of a multiplicity of parts and which interact with one another to create a complex system that often creates or leads to complex problems and issues.


Our knowledge and experience

  • Many years in government and private practice in Australia and Kenya and research and teaching at Universities in Australia and Kenya.
  •  Urban and Regional Planning, Strategic Planning, Design and Art Intersections, Service and Experience Design, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Community and Stakeholder Engagement and Industry Liaison.

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Our intent is to help people understand contextual complexities and ways of addressing them. Our services range from simply identifying problems and issues to a whole of system approach towards resolution- our methods are multi-disciplinary.


Our interest in community has also provided opportunity for a social enterprise known as the Latitude Knowledge Exchange Initiative (LAKXTM).