Latitude 4-40 Consulting: Providing business, corporate strategy and design services.

About Us

Latitude 4-40 Consulting provides business, corporate and design strategy as well as design services. This involves exploring, examining and understanding problems so as to provide innovative and sustainable remedies for our clients. We are a member of the Australian Commonwealth Government’s Corporate Management Advisory Services Panel and are also registered in the NSW Government's Prequalification Scheme SCM0005, for Government and Business Strategy  


Our domains of interest are:

  • Organisations (public and private)- that provide services and products
  • Community- this includes organised or informal communities and individuals who receive or purchase services/products
  • The Built Environment- the environment in which most activities takes place


They provide services and products to the community such as:

  • education
  • transportation
  • groceries
  • equipment

We work with them to provide robust outcomes in their provision of services and products.



It has many and various needs, such as:

  • receiving/purchasing of services and products
  • working as communities for common good
  • learning as communities

We identify needs of community that bears an impact on services and products


Built Environment

The built environment is where service and products are mainly provided or consumed (buildings, open spaces, transport infrastructure, etc)

We provide foundational insights on the requirements of the built environment to effectively serve its user

Our Services

Organisations, communities and the built environment operate in complex systems that are comprised of a multiplicity of parts and which interact with one another. Identifying problems rather than symptoms is therefore of great import.


Capabilities and experience of key personnel

  • Business and Corporate Strategy, Building and Environmental Design, Strategic Planning, Visual, Service and Experience Design, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Community and Stakeholder Engagement..
  • Over thirty years experience in government and private practice both in Australia and overseas and over ten years of teaching and research at Universities in Australia and Kenya.

Our design services focus on creatively enlivening space and restoring comfort particularly in spaces now used for formal (office) work, but not designed for such use. View some images of this design service (restorative design).