We provide planning services at the local, metropolitan and regional levels. This includes:

  • Best practice urban and rural planning
  • Local Environmental Planning (including Infrastructure Strategy Planning and Coordination) to ensure maximum benefit is derived from existing infrastructure and gaps are identified for orderly land use planning.
  • Strategic planning (including Place Strategy and Planning) using evidence based approaches to deliver targeted strategies
  • Land use review, rezoning of land and preparation and assessment of planning proposals consistent with relevant legislation and policies
  • Land management
  • Applied research in land use planning.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement including negotiation, facilitation, workshop design and delivery for diverse stakeholders.
  • Interpretation and application of State, Local and Commonwealth legislative planning frameworks to deliver strategic planning outcomes
  • Smart Cities Strategy and Policy  Development
  • Thorough understanding of Local, State and Commonwealth government processes and practices.


Below is a sample of the type of work we have done in Planning:

  • Review of State Infrastructure and Implementation Plans, 
  • Preparation of Planning Policy
  • Review and Development of Development Control Plans for local government.
  • Statements of Environmental Effects & Review of Environmental Factors for various State Government housing projects
  • Review of State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs)
  • Detailed Planning Brief for development of large development
  • Stakeholder Engagement for both State and Local Government