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The LAKXTM Initiative- Our Social Enterprise


Our interest in community led us to creating a social enterprise project known as the Latitude Knowledge Exchange Initiative (LAKXTM). The intent of the Initiative is to establish:

  • Sustainable institutions and environments
  • Resilient communities
  • Enduring legacies
  • Growing economies

in East Africa.


You can view the Intent Statement of the Initiative and some photos of activities- there is more information and insights to the activities of the Initiative on Facebook










Ventures under the Initiative.


The initial focus of the initiative is agriculture and the related ventures are:

LAKXTM Agriculture 

Training of small scale farmers in farming methods and techniques for healthy and improved food production in East Africa

LAKXTM Agro-Technology   

The provision of advice and expertise in agro-technology as well as involvement in the agro-tehnology sector in East Africa


The agriculture sector is a large and complex eco-system- collaboration and partnerships therefore become particularly important for the Initiative.  One of our projects is the harnessing of the Agro-business eco-system on a broad level, so as to add value to:

  • the well being of small scale farmers
  • their horticultural produce
  • the local and global market.