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Latitude is a measure of a physical location on the earth in relation to the equator. It is also expresses a liberty from restrictions and a freedom of thought.

How we Work

Methods we apply in providing services are multi-disciplinary and include:





Our Ancilliary Services

Services that we provide can be offered as "stand alone"  services for specific problems and tasks, or as part of a broad regime for solving complex problems. These services include: 


Our Techniques

A simple but effective technique we have developed for transforming place is Restorative Design (the creation of images on surfaces) to transform a place, create experience and restore well being in the built environment. We call this the Design Intersecting with Art Technique- taking an existing place or new place and transforming it using the technique- a form of installation art. View a sample of our Restorative Design on instagram, showing  work done as well as some concepts.


The techniques that we apply to do our work have been acquired over many years, some we have developed ourselves and we keep learning new techniques. This is helpful for getting to the bottom of problems (rather than dealing with symptoms) and finding ways that sustainably address challenges. Some of the techniques are:

- Visual collectives (a visual technique)       - 4D problem solving technique (propriety)               

- The LASP process technique (propriety)     - Various research techniques


As part of collaboration, we also work with others who bring in other methods and techniques that may be required.  Users of an eco-system have a sound understanding of the issues and problems in the system and we work with them and other stakeholders. We bring many voices, experiences, expertise and interests together and we harnesses the various participants in the system to draw-out insights and co-author solutions or designs.


Our philosophy and approach

The directors of Latitude 4-40, draw great inspiration from biblical principles for the approach in their work. We recognise our stewardship of what God has given us and we seek the betterment of life for people. 

We are:

Ethical- we apply honesty, commitment and accountability

Creative- we strive to provide outside of the box solutions (with latitude) to problems

Facilitative- We work to make it easy and connect the right people and elements in the eco-system


Please contact us for more information on our services.